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Rafika HARRABI is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Gabes in Tunisia. She obtained his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering (2007) from Tunis University in Tunisia. She received his Master and Ph.D. in digital signal processing from the University of Tunis at Tunisia in 2009 and 2013, respectively. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, University of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. She is the head of Graduation Project Committee. Also, she is the coordinator of the QualityAccreditation in computer science department of Master of Science Program in (Master of Data Science), Higher Diploma Program (Cyber Security) and Intermediate Diploma Program (Cyber Security).

She has published over 30 research papers in many journals and international conferences. She was member of the international Board committee of many International Conferences. His researches interests include on signal Processing, image processing, face recognition, iris
recognition, classification, segmentation, and data fusion.

Current research in the RIFTSI lab emphasizes the use of advanced techniques for face and iris recognition, also the used of AI and fuzzy logic for segmentation and classification of cervical cancer from pap‑smear images.


Faculty of Computers & Information Technology,

Computer EngineeringDepartment,

University of Tabuk,

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

Zip codes: 47711


Contact number: (+966) 5 455 404 65